Chart Libraries and Angular – An Introduction

Posted by Dejan Drvendzija on May 15, 2019

When we create web applications, data visualization is often necessary for end users to access the current state of certain parameters easily. Frequently visualization and display of data using only text creates challenges for users. In cases like these, charts are very useful. Angular uses numerous libraries for working with graphs. This post presents two of the most popular libraries, Chart.js and Highcharts, and includes a brief explanation about how they are incorporated and used in Angular.

How to download files to your device from your API in Ionic Framework V3

Posted by Stanislav Uloznik on May 9, 2019

With the mobile lifestyle that many people have today, downloading a file to a device is, not only desirable at times, but often necessary. In addition, it’s useful to have the ability to download files from an API.

How to paginate and transform your API response data with Fractal and Pagerfanta

Posted by Nebojsa Stojanovic on Apr 26, 2019

When you create a public API, frequently you want to add a presentation layer and a transformation layer for the output of complex data. Further, combining those layers with pagination can be a challenge. This blog post discusses how you can successfully complete this task.

New Cryptocurrency Exchange Discovery and Comparison Tool!

Posted by Faun de Henry on Apr 9, 2019

We have been working a lot with cryptocurrency applications and we felt like this ticker would be a good way for our development team to learn, experiment, and sharpen their skills. We made it an official project with proper reporting to a manager, and work reviews to ensure that development was a valuable, real-world experience for our developers.

We're Officially Adding WordPress Services to Our Offerings!

Posted by Matthew Tabin on Mar 27, 2019

We’re excited to jump headfirst into making our custom Wordpress services an official offering to businesses and clients who can really benefit from it. We listen to our clients and use our skills, time, and energy to create or improve a website. We know what we’re capable of and when it comes to WordPress, we’re on our way!

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