Marketing On The Way to Marrakech

Posted by Faun de Henry on Jan 24, 2019

Not everyone at 2amigos travels. Roughly 25% of the current amigos are moving around the globe. Even though some of us are highly mobile, work is completed and clients are happy.

Working Remotely For 2amigos

Posted by Faun de Henry on Oct 5, 2018

My interest in building websites started when I was a student. I initially began slicing PSD files. Next, I wanted to learn how to make a web app. After a while, I realized that I lacked discipline and decided to make some changes. I created a schedule for myself and pretended that my place was my office and “home” was at my girlfriend’s apartment. In a way, this was my first exploration into remote work.

The Single Trait That Can Ensure a Good Hire

Posted by Faun de Henry on Dec 3, 2017

Assessing job applicants is a challenging task! Most of us want employees who are engaged and motivated, and who can work in a self-directed manner.

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