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DMS — Document Management System


Businesses experience growing pains just as human beings do. However, when a business grows, new processes, systems, and technology are often necessary. It’s important to have a partner who listens so that your new environment enables business success.

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Client Story

Humans Aren’t the Only Ones Who Experience Growing Pains!

Our lives change as we pass through infancy to childhood to adolescence to adulthood, businesses change as well. Frequently the processes and systems that performed admirably during year one become confining by year five.

One of our clients faced this very challenge. John started his medical service billing business because he wanted to help shift the complexity and hour intensive medical service billing away from the medical providers to allow them to do what they do best, deliver needed medical care. He founded his company to deliver medical billing services that were fast, accurate, and reasonably priced. To support his vision, John made extensive use of automated systems to drive efficiency in his processes. Packaged software enabled John to accomplish his goal when the company was a young startup.

Fast forward ten years and the software that allowed John and his employees to deliver stellar support services to the company’s customers was now the same system that was holding the organization back. “It was like working with a straitjacket on,” said John. “We needed software that would support the new, refined processes of a more mature, dynamic business.”

John also wanted a business partner that would listen to his business and technical employees’ concerns and needs. He knew that the packaged document management solution the company had been using for the last several years was no longer moving his business forward. Instead, it was holding the business back!

Employees were now receiving thousands of documents daily — checks, reports, correspondence, invoices — and using a system that was intended for a substantially lower volume of work.

Mailroom employees were scanning all of these documents, indexing the resulting digital files, and moving them to various folders. While the packaged software had workflow embedded, the current state of the business meant that employees were constantly using "work arounds" with the packaged software to perform their jobs. Moreover, this meant they were faced with a solution that used older technology and performed slowly. The software couldn't be reconfigured to the company's current business requirements. Vendor research indicated that an enterprise document management system with HIPAA compliance was out of reach from a cost perspective. Further, the software license cost the company tens of thousands of dollars each year and wasn't configurable to its business requirements.

It was time to find a solution that fit the company's specific business needs. John and his team decided that the best approach for the company’s continued growth was to engage a business partner who would listen and help his organization build the software they needed to move forward.

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“We needed software that would support the new, refined processes of a more mature, dynamic business.”



The initial questions that John and his team asked 2amigos were.
“Can you build a document management system that will allow us to”:
  • Migrate all of our existing documents while maintaining our current indexing?
  • Use a workflow that is consistent with how our various roles process those documents?
  • Change indexing and document values as our business changes and grows?
  • Maintain customer privacy that is compliant with HIPAA requirements?
  • Achieve an ROI within three years?


2amigos conducted several joint discovery sessions with the company's business users and technical team. The focus of these sessions was always "what is the system that we really need" to enable delivery of a cloud-based, configurable system that required a minimum amount of retraining and administration.
Within a week a specification document and project plan were created, which supported development of a system that:
  • Creates new document types with annotation and versioning capabilities
  • Handles petabytes of data
  • Allows employees to find a needed document in seconds
  • Provides robust reporting for John and his executive team
  • Allows role-based access that is specific to each user in the company
  • Enables batch scanning, batch file uploading, or mounting share drives to a database along with sending the image to a web site, another server, or email


The original minimally viable product (MVP) was ready within three months. The entire cloud-based, HIPAA compliant project launched within six months.

John and his company saw a return on its investment (ROI) within 2.5 years.

Today this robust document management system is integrated with the company's other software environments and continues to change and grow with the organization's needs and direction.

Which software systems are starting to constrain your business?

We can work with you and your team to remove the “straitjacket” that is inhibiting your organization.

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