ReSee Online Fashion Company Raises Funds for Breast Cancer Awareness

ReSee — Online Fashion Company Raises Funds for Breast Cancer Awareness

Services provided:

Web Software development and Design.



Launch Project

Client Story

RE-SEE, a unique small fashion company based in Paris, gathered twelve female leaders from the world of fashion and the arts. Each of these amazing ladies pledged a personal item or two for auction on behalf of The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. The founders of RE-SEE had the idea that their auction would increase awareness about this challenging women’s disease and raise funds for breast cancer research.

After working through most of the details, such as automated bidding with preset customer limits, the founders began to look for a development partner that would collaborate with them quickly and efficiently.

RE-SEE’s auction had very specific requirements and the founders wanted to be able to start their campaign within thirty days! It was also important to Re-SEE that the web application design for the auction was modern, sleek, and consistent with the company’s brand.

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“You guys just get it. We can tell you what we want and you understand and translate it into something tangible.”

Sofia Bernadin, RE-SEE cofounder


2amigos built a web-based auction application within RE-SEE’s thirty-day deadline that was able to handle all seven of the sequential auction transactions securely.

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