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Create engaging native and hybrid mobile apps, websites and widgets that are your face and voice to your customers.

Automation of

Transform your manual processes and spreadsheets into quick, accurate and configurable automated processes that speed up productivity and reduce human error.


Build staff and client portals that increase productivity, communication and engagement, as well as automation and management of tasks, users, data and clients.


Increase accuracy and enforce flows with rules engines that implement dynamic, decision-based business logic into applications with an interface that allows your business full control in the building of new rules and their configurations.

Automated data

Benefit from AI and machine learning with processes, modules and microservices that can extract data from multiple sources, review and determine an action to take.

Data Flow Based

Streamline and enhance your internal or client user journeys and experience via intuitive, engaging and simple user interfaces.

3rd Party Systems

We excel at integrating 3rd party and satellite systems and APIs for better communication between platforms, data sharing and reporting.

Consulting and

We do not just build out the software, but we also offer technical advisement, brainstorming and feasibility studies, as well as tech support.

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News and Blog

Integrating Vue Inside Yii2

Posted by Srdjan Drakul on Oct 7, 2019

Yii2 represents a very powerful framework based on PHP. It comes with several features that help you minimize your development time and deliver real products. Yii2 is a quick, secure and very reliable PHP framework that allows for an easy way of installation, high extensibility, testing support, caching support and many other factors that help developers to create robust projects quickly.

Minifying and Modularizing Assets in Yii2

Posted by Aleksandar Panic on Aug 1, 2019

Asset minification and modularization is typically a fast process in most projects but in Yii2, it is a different beast altogether. This is mostly due to the fact that Yii2 has a different way of loading and bundling assets when importing widgets and other libraries. In short, it can be a nightmare to bundle up and minify correctly.

How to do identity impersonation with Yii2

Posted by Srdjan Drakul on Jul 9, 2019

Yii2 provides a user application component that is responsible for user login, logout and other functions related to managing user authentication status.

Using Vagrant Plugins

Posted by Piotr Kurpiewski on Jun 18, 2019

Vagrant is a great tool for those who like to encapsulate their development environment but sometimes it can be annoying and present shortcomings...unless you use its plugins!

How to Build a SEO-friendly Website Using Nuxt.js

Posted by Javier Munoz Tous on May 23, 2019

I've built an SPA application before only to realize in the end that it wasn’t being completely crawled by search engines. This is a common mistake. This article is aimed at those that love Vue.js, want to use it and need to build a fully optimized SEO application with it.

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