Web3 Summit (Part II) — Blockchain Technology: Issues and Challenges

Posted by Faun de Henry on Nov 16, 2018

Discussions at the Web3 Summit included numerous presentations and conversations about blockchain technology. Topics included private computation, crypto-governance, secure multiparty computation, zero knowledge, as well as a host of others. The two presentations (topics) I found most interesting are discussed in this Part II post on the Web3 Summit.

What Exactly is the Web3 Summit?

Posted by Faun de Henry on Oct 30, 2018

I had the amazing experience of 2amigos sending me to the Web3 Summit this year. For three days in Berlin, I mingled and talked with people from everywhere who are working to create a robust, user-friendly, decentralized web.

Working Remotely For 2amigos

Posted by Faun de Henry on Oct 5, 2018

My interest in building websites started when I was a student. I initially began slicing PSD files. Next, I wanted to learn how to make a web app. After a while, I realized that I lacked discipline and decided to make some changes. I created a schedule for myself and pretended that my place was my office and “home” was at my girlfriend’s apartment. In a way, this was my first exploration into remote work.

UI/UX Designer at 2amigos

Posted by Antonio Ramirez on Sep 27, 2018

Our Head of Design is looking for a new teammate who would like to grow with us and our design department. Are you looking for new opportunities? Come in and join us :)

The Single Trait That Can Ensure a Good Hire

Posted by Faun de Henry on Dec 3, 2017

Assessing job applicants is a challenging task! Most of us want employees who are engaged and motivated, and who can work in a self-directed manner.

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