How to create an embeddable Javascript widget

Posted by Antonio Ramirez on Aug 11, 2016

I had to create an embeddable and portable widget for one of our customers. What it seemed to be an easy task it had a number of challenges to overcome. On this blog post I am sharing those challenges and what I did to solve each one of them.

Make It New!

Posted by Matt Tabin on May 27, 2016

Are you aware that, right now, you might be stagnating and not even know it? Whether it is your's or your team’s skill set, some of your processes or your company itself, something of value may be in danger of becoming obsolete. Maybe not in the immediate future, but at some point. Maybe sooner than you think. As leaders, makers, entrepreneurs, builders, engineers and developers (add as many additional labels as you want) it is our job to grow, improve and adapt. It is our job to make it new.

What's Next?

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